NASA rebrands UAM Grand Challenge to embrace ‘advanced air mobility’

NASA’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Grand Challenge will now be known as the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) National Campaign, the agency revealed on March 23.

According to NASA officials, both “advanced air mobility” and “national campaign” better reflect the goals of the undertaking, which is planned as a series of field demonstrations to evaluate the readiness of new types of aircraft and airspace management systems. The demonstrations will progress in stages to encompass a full range of scenarios under varying weather and traffic conditions — including, but not limited to, scaled urban air taxi operations.

“We’ve talked mostly over the past couple of years about ‘urban air mobility,’” said NASA AAM mission manager Davis Hackenberg in the web conference that served as a virtual kick-off for the agency’s AAM Ecosystem Working Groups (a substitute for an in-person event that was canceled due to coronavirus concerns). “We’d always intended to include other types of [mobility], whether that was rural or urban, but the name I think was getting in the way a little bit.” …






1つは「ソフトウエアの位置付けが変化していること」だという。「これまではハードとソフトの一体開発が基本だったが、ソフトの進化がハードを上回り、『ソフトウエアファースト』の考え方が広がってきている。これを車に当てはめると、車のマイナーチェンジがソフトを更新する形になれば、トヨタの持つハードの強みがさらに生きてくる」という …

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As Australia is gripped by bog roll shortage, tabloid says: Here, fill your dunny with us

NT News prints 8-page ‘special liftout’ amid coronavirus panic.

“Wouldn’t wipe my arse with it” is an expression you’ll commonly hear in the UK to describe a newspaper the speaker doesn’t like. However, tomorrow Aussie tabloid the Northern Territory News will invite its readers to do exactly that.

In case you haven’t noticed, 2020 has been pretty apocalyptic and Q1 isn’t even done yet. Not satisfied with setting up a potential World War 3 and Getting Brexit Done™, the world decided it would be a great time to have a bit of a pandemic – a worryingly lethal one at that for older, more vulnerable folk.

The coronavirus panic, rightly or wrongly, has now spread Down Under, where shoppers are stripping shelves of hand sanitisation gel and bulk-buying bog roll as though having a surplus will protect them from what is primarily a respiratory infection…




Bad for what ales you? US drinkers snub Corona beer over virus

Confusion between coronavirus and Corona beer has been a punchline of questionable taste during the outbreak — but the matter may be no joke for the brand.

The phrase “38% of Americans” was trending Friday on Twitter following a survey showing that proportion of beer drinkers “would not buy Corona under any circumstances now.” Ronn Torossian, founder and CEO of public relations firm 5W, which polled 737 US beer drinkers, said there “no question that Corona beer is suffering because of the coronavirus.”

“While the brand has claimed that consumers understand there’s no linkage between the virus and the beer company, this is a disaster for the Corona brand,” Torossian said in a statement. “After all, what brand wants to be linked to a virus which is killing people worldwide?” …

NASA’s Christina Koch adds onto the world endurance record for women in space

NEvery day for the next six weeks, NASA astronaut Christina Koch will be setting a new women’s record for continuous time in space.

Koch’s extended stint on the International Space Station follows up on astronaut Scott Kelly’s “Year in Space” mission in 2015-2016, and is similarly aimed at studying the health effects of long-duration spaceflight. She arrived in March, and marked her 288th day in orbit on Saturday. That officially surpassed the women’s record set by Peggy Whitson in 2017.
Koch is also in the space history books for being part of the world’s first all-woman spacewalking team in October, along with Jessica Meir. When her mission extension was announced, back in April, Koch said she sought advice from Whitson — and was told to “find what you love, and make sure you have it up there.” (Maybe that’s a reference to space cookies for Christmas?) …





TEPCOスマートホーム 遠くても安心プラン 一人暮らしの高齢者向け見守りサービス



「遠くても安心プラン」は、見守る側、見守られる側のお互い負担の少ない安心見守りサービスです …



[Sharing Logistics Platform]

ハコブは企業間物流の最適化を目指してIoTとクラウドを統合した物流情報プラットフォーム「MOVO」を提供している。今回、ドライバー不足、低い積載率、長時間労働、温室効果ガス排出や騒音などの環境問題、廃棄ロスなど、物流に関する社会課題を解決するために「シェアリング・ロジスティクス・プラットフォーム」構想をまとめた ..