Uber in talks to sell ATG self-driving unit to Aurora

Eighteen months ago, Uber’s self-driving car unit, Uber Advanced Technologies Group, was valued at $7.25 billion following a $1 billion investment from Toyota, DENSO and SoftBank’s Vision Fund. Now, it’s up for sale and a competing autonomous vehicle technology startup is in talks with Uber to buy it, according to three sources familiar with the deal.

Aurora Innovation, the startup founded by three veterans of the autonomous vehicle industry who led programs at Google, Tesla and Uber, is in negotiations to buy Uber ATG. Terms of the deal are still unknown, but sources say the two companies have been in talks since October and it is far along in the process.

CR Survey: Only 12% of Americans Would Get a COVID-19 Vaccine ‘Immediately’

Most Americans say they would wait at least 3 months after a vaccine is available to get it. Nearly one-fifth say they wouldn’t get one at all.

To monitor the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the habits and attitudes of Americans, Consumer Reports’ American Experiences Survey team again interviewed a nationally representative sample of Americans. This time, 2,670 U.S. adults were polled between Oct. 8 and Oct. 26.

Concern Remains High
As COVID-19 cases began to increase again across the country, the majority of Americans continued to express concern about the spread of the virus in their local areas.

Good Linux distros for new users

Are you willing to switch to linux or maybe give it a shot? Well I was too and to between all these hustle of distros and desktop environments I did what you did to find this article, I googled,”top linux distos”. So here are my top distros that I’d recommend to a new comer.

  1. Ubuntu – Let’s begin with probably the most popular distro, Ubuntu itself. Ubuntu is based on …
  2. Pop OS – I’m currently using pop os as my main distro. It has probably the cleanest desktop …
  3. Linux Mint – If you’re a windows user and want similar user experience on linux then Linux Mint is …

macOS 11 Big Sur problems: how to fix the most common issues

All of your macOS Big Sur problems solved

If you’re experiencing macOS Big Sur problems after installing the new update, this guide should show you how to fix it.

Apple has touted macOS Big Sur as the most revolutionary update to its operating system in years, bringing such large changes that this is no longer a macOS 10.x release (which all versions have been since Mac OS X 10.0 Cheetah back in 2001) but a whole new version: macOS 11.

Honda to sell world’s first ‘level 3’ self-driving car by March

Japan approves vehicle with technology to handle highway traffic jams

Honda Motor will release a car able to drive itself on congested highways in the coming months, having become the world’s first automaker to receive national certification for “level 3” autonomous driving technology …