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Resium is library of React components for Cesium

Resium brings React’s component lifecycle to Cesium. The relationship between Cesium elements and React’s lifecycle is as follows.
  1. constructor: The Cesium element is initialized (the Cesium element of some components are initialized at mount time).
  2. render: Nothing is rendered, because the object passed to children via React’s context API does not exist in this time.
  3. componentDidMount: The Cesium element is mounted. After this, forceUpdate is called and re-render children.
  4. render: Children of the component are rendered. DOM never be rendered except root components (Viewer and CesiumWidget).
  5. componentDidUpdate: Changed properties of the Cesium element are updated. If “Cesium read only properties” are changed, the Cesium element will be reinitialized.
  6. componentWillUnmount: The Cesium element is unmounted and destroyed.